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Abbas, Noorhan (2020) Fit and appropriation model for training: an action research study to advance mobile technology training in police forces. Doctoral thesis, University of Cumbria.
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Abbas, Noorhan and Policek, Nicoletta (2020) ‘Don’t be the same, be better’: an exploratory study on police mobile technology resistance. Police Practice and Research . pp. 1-20.
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Ackroyd, Rebekah (2020) Tolerance and mutual respect: How do teachers of Religious Education construct the values? In: LED Showcase Conference 2020, 4th December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
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Ager, Jenny (2020) Can I do it outside? How to introduce a CIDIO (Can I Do It Outside?) approach in a primary school. Outdoor Learning Research .
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Aldeen, Taha, Taylor, Julie and Bates, Elizabeth (2020) Assessing comorbidities, quality of life, and the needs of patients with psoriasis and eczema at each consultation; can their needs be assessed and met online? Clinical Research in Dermatology, 3 (1).
[thumbnail of Taylor_assessing_commorbidities.pdf]

Andrade, Angela, Zambrana-Torrelio, Carlos, Vasseur, Liette, Nelson, Cara, Carver, Steve and Convery, Ian (2020) Rewilding for human health. The Ecologist .

Armstrong, Ross (2020) The Beighton Score and injury in dancers: a prospective cohort study. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 29 (5). pp. 563-571.
[thumbnail of Armstrong_JH and dance injury insight.pdf]

Armstrong, Ross (2020) The relationship between the functional movement screen, star excursion balance test and the Beighton score in dancers. The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 48 (1). pp. 53-62.
[thumbnail of Armstrong_TheRelationshipBetween.pdf]

Armstrong, Ross and Bittar, Adriano (2020) Injuries in dance: definitions, severity, rates, prevalence, types and risk factor. In: Bittar, A, Wyon, M, Figueiredo, V, Brown, D and Haas, A, (eds.) Dance Medicine and Science Guide-From the Brazil-United Kingdom Dance Medicine and Science Network. Kelps, Goiania, Brazil, pp. 305-316. (Submitted to Publisher)

Azemi, Yllka, Ozuem, Wilson and Hobson, Ana (2020) Rationalizing social media opportunities and customer relationships in the luxury fashion industry. Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, 9 (3).
[thumbnail of Accepted paper_ Wilson Ozuem_IJEBL.pdf]

Azemi, Yllka, Ozuem, Wilson and Howell, Kerry E. (2020) The effects of online negative word‐of‐mouth on dissatisfied customers: A frustration–aggression perspective. Psychology & Marketing, 2020 . pp. 1-14.
[thumbnail of Accepted paper_Psychology and Marketing Journal.pdf]


Badgett, R. G., Jonker, Leon and Xirasagar, S. (2020) Hospital workforce engagement and inpatient mortality rate: findings from the English National Health Service staff surveys. Journal of General Internal Medicine .
[thumbnail of Jonker_JGIM - 2020-Mar4.pdf]

Bates, Elizabeth and Carthy, Nikki (2020) “She convinced me I had Alzheimer's”: Experiences of intimate partner violence in older men. Psychology of Men and Masculinities .
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Bates, Elizabeth and Douglas, Emily (2020) Services for domestic violence victims in the U.K. and United States: Where are we today? Partner Abuse, 11 (3). pp. 350-382.
[thumbnail of BatesDouglas.Final.pdf]

Bates, Elizabeth and Graham-Kevan, N. (2020) Intimate partner violence perpetrator programmes. In: Wormith, J.S., Craig, L.A. and Hogue, T.E., (eds.) The Wiley Handbook of What Works in Violence Risk Management: Theory, Research, and Practice. Wiley, London, pp. 437-450.
[thumbnail of Graham-Kevan  Bates chapter v2 final.pdf]

Bates, Elizabeth and Poynton, Meagan (2020) Women’s use of non-lethal violence against men. In: Shackelford, T.K., (ed.) The SAGE handbook of domestic violence. SAGE Publications, USA.
[thumbnail of Bates  Poynton chapter v2.pdf]

Bendell, Jem (2020) In the company of rebels: towards a role for cross-sector partnering in radical change and deep adaptation to climate chaos. In: Murphy, David F. and Marshall, Alison, (eds.) Citizenship and sustainability in organizations: exploring and spanning the boundaries. Routledge, London, UK.

Besaiso, Haytham (2020) How do international construction arbitrators make their decisions? The status of substantive law. International Construction Law Review, 37 (3).
[thumbnail of Besaiso_ICLR Part_3 Besaiso Final.pdf]

Bidmead, Elaine (2020) An Examination of the Indices of Deprivation - North Cumbria Area. Centre for Research in Health and Society, Carlisle.
[thumbnail of IoD Report -Final.pdf]

Bidmead, Elaine, Lie, Mabel, Marshall, Alison, Robson, Stephen and Smith, Vikki J. (2020) Service user and staff acceptance of fetal ultrasound telemedicine. DIGITAL HEALTH, 6 . p. 205520762092592.
[thumbnail of FT Paper - accepted.pdf]

Bidmead, Elaine and Marshall, Alison (2020) Covid-19 and the ‘new normal’: are remote video consultations here to stay? British Medical Bulletin, 135 (1). pp. 16-22.
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[thumbnail of BidmeadMarshall-RemoteVideoCovidPaper.pdf]

Bittar, A, Rosa Quireze, CA, Clements, L, Brown, D, Haas, A, McCormack, M, Armstrong, Ross, Pitta, F and Zikan, F (2020) Physiotherapy, nutrition and psychological well-being in dance. In: Bittar, A, Wyon, M, Figueiredo, V, Brown, D and Haas, A, (eds.) Dance Medicine and Science Guide-From the Brazil-United Kingdom Dance Medicine and Science Network. Kelps, Goiania, Brazil, pp. 339-362. (Submitted to Publisher)

Blagrove, Richard C., Howe, Louis, Howatson, Glyn and Hayes, Philip R. (2020) Strength and conditioning for adolescent endurance runners. Strength and Conditioning Journal . p. 1.

Bolton, Gareth, Booth, Lisa and Miller, Paul K. (2020) The personal impact of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) on sonographers. In: United Kingdom Imaging and Oncology Congress (UKIO), 1-3 June 2020, ACC, Liverpool. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of UKIO Bolton Booth Miller (2020).pdf]

Bonner, Sarah (2020) Resistance and revolt: Cinderella, Snow White & Sleeping Beauty re-viewed. In: Contemporary Fairy Tale Magic. Brill, London, pp. 89-98.
[thumbnail of BONNER_FINAL.pdf]

Bonner, Sarah (2020) Tales of the unexpected: undoing ideal fairy tale femininity. In: Brugué, Lydia and Llompart, Auba, (eds.) Contemporary fairy-tale magic: subverting gender and genre. At the Interface / Probing the Boundaries series, 129 . Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands.
[thumbnail of Bonner_TalesOfThe.pdf]

Bowditch, Euan, Santopuoli, Giovanni, Binder, Franz, Rio, Miren del, La Porta, Nicola, Kluvankova, Tatiana, Lesinski, Jerzy, Motta, Renzo, Pach, Maciej, Panzacchi, Pietro, Pretzsch, Hans, Temperli, Christian, Tonon, Giustino, Smith, Melanie, Velikova, Violeta, Weatherall, Andrew and Tognetti, Roberto (2020) What is Climate-Smart Forestry? A definition from a multinational collaborative process focused on mountain regions of Europe. Ecosystem Services, 43 .
[thumbnail of ECOSER_2019_392_R3 (002).pdf]

Bowen, Gordon, Appiah, Dominic and Okafor, Sebastian (2020) The influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social media on the strategy formulation process. Sustainability, 12 (15). e6057.
[thumbnail of Okafor_TheInfluenceOf.pdf]

Boyd, Pete (2020) Epilogue. In: Beckett, Lori, (ed.) Research-informed teacher learning: critical perspectives on theory, research and practise. Routledge, London, UK.

Boyd, Pete (2020) Mixed-age teaching and mastery approaches to mathematics. Teacher Education Advancement Network Journal (TEAN), 12 (1). pp. 4-15.
[thumbnail of Mixed Age Teaching and Mastery Maths TEAN 2020 Pete Boyd.pdf]

Boyd, Pete and Clemente, Claudia (2020) Authentic Assessment in Higher Education: Combining professional and academic standards into a coherent assessment framework. In: International Virtual Meeting: Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Higher Education, November 24 2020, University of Desarollo, Chile (online). (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Slides as pdf]

Bradshaw, Penelope (2020) Claire Knowles and Ingrid Horrocks's Charlotte Smith: Major Poetic Works. Romanticism, 26 (3). pp. 307-308.
[thumbnail of Bradshaw_SmithReviewforRomanticism.pdf]

Brierley, Gerry, Ozuem, Wilson and Lancaster, Geoff (2020) Subconscious marketing communication techniques and legal implications. Journal of Decision Systems . pp. 1-10.
[thumbnail of Accepted paper _ Wilson Ozuem_JDS.pdf]

Briganti, Arianna (2020) My living-theory of International Development. Doctoral thesis, University of Cumbria.
[thumbnail of ABriganti_Thesis amended FINAL_03.04.2020.pdf]

Brooks, Helen, Möller, Iris, Carr, Simon, Chirol, Clementine, Christie, Elizabeth, Evans, Ben, Spencer, Kate L., Spencer, Tom and Royse, Katherine (2020) Resistance of salt marsh substrates to near‐instantaneous hydrodynamic forcing. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 46 (1). pp. 67-88.
[thumbnail of esp.4912.pdf]

Butler, Zoe (2020) Implementing the National Early Warning Score 2 into pre-registration nurse education. Nursing Standard, 35 (2).


Carr, Andrew, Weatherall, Andrew, Fialas, Penelope, Zeale, Matt R.K., Clare, Elizabeth L. and Jones, Gareth (2020) Moths consumed by the Barbastelle Barbastella barbastellus require larval host plants that occur within the bat's foraging habitats. Acta Chiropterologica, 22 (2). pp. 257-269.

Carr, Andrew, Weatherall, Andrew and Jones, Gareth (2020) The effects of thinning management on bats and their insect prey in temperate broadleaved woodland. Forest Ecology and Management, 457 . p. 117682.
[thumbnail of The effects of thinning management on bats and their insect prey in temperate broadleaved woodland.pdf]

Carr, Katie and Bendell, Jem (2020) Facilitation for Deep Adaptation: enabling loving conversations about our predicament. Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) Occasional Papers Volume 6. University of Cumbria, Ambleside, UK.. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Bendell_FacilitationforDeepAdaptation.pdf]

Carr, Simon (2020) The Brecon Beacons. In: Landscapes and Landforms of England and Wales. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 553-566.
[thumbnail of Carr_Brecon Beacons FINAL.pdf]

Carr, Simon, Diggens, Lucy M. and Spencer, Kate L. (2020) There's no such thing as 'undisturbed' soil and sediment sampling: sampler-induced deformation of salt-marsh sediments revealed by 3D x-ray computed tomography. Journal of Soils and Sediments . [in press].
[thumbnail of Carr_TheresNoSuch.pdf]

Carr, Simon, Lawrence, Thomas, Spencer, Kate, Manning, Andrew, Wheatland, Jonathan and Bushby, Andrew (2020) Realistic estimates of floc porosity based on high resolution 3D X-Ray microtomography. In: EGU General Assembly 2020, 3rd - 8th May 2020, Vienna. (Unpublished)

Cattaneo, Rita (2020) A cross-cultural analysis of the English Outdoor and Experiential approach of the Forest School with Danish Udeskole: Pedagogical foundations Inquiry. Masters dissertation, University of Cumbria.
[thumbnail of Cattaneo_DISSERTATION_-_Rita_Cattaneo.pdf]

Chaffer, Jo (2020) Leadership development: containment enough. Doctoral thesis, University of Cumbria.
[thumbnail of Chaffer_Dphil.pdf]

Chare, Abraham Demissie (2020) Factors affecting private investment in Ethiopia’s industry sector: the case of sugar factories. Masters dissertation, University of Cumbria.
[thumbnail of Chare_2020abrahammba.pdf]

Chick, Andrew I.R. (2020) Stains for entomological microtechnique: simple stains for whole mounts and dissection. Zootaxa, 4790 (3). pp. 447-472.

Chirol, Clementine, Brooks, Helen, Carr, Simon, Christie, Elizabeth, Evans, Ben, Lynch, Jason, Möller, Iris, Royse, Kate, Spencer, Kate and Spencer, Tom (2020) Effect of belowground structure on coastal wetland erosion resistance using X-Ray Computed Tomography. In: EGU Annual conference 2020, 3rd - 8th May 2020, Vienna. (Unpublished)

Christie, Mark, Cole, Fiona and Miller, Paul K. (2020) A piloted Think Aloud method within an investigation of the impacts of a therapeutic green exercise project for people recovering from mental ill-health: reflections on ethnographic utility. Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, 30 (1). pp. 36-55.
[thumbnail of AHTA THINK ALOUD Vol 30 2020.pdf]
[thumbnail of JTH 30 (1) Pilot Think Christie.pdf]

Christie, Mark, Hulse, Louise and Miller, Paul K. (2020) Time for a (gardening) break: impacts of a “green exercise” initiative for staff health and wellbeing in a corporate environment. Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, 30 (1). pp. 1-24.
[thumbnail of JTH 30 (1) corporate health christie.pdf]
[thumbnail of AHTA Vol 30 TIME FOR A GARDENING BREAK.pdf]

Clark, J, Fletcher, E, Loynes, Christopher, Prince, Heather and Tiplady, L (2020) 2020 Outdoor Learning Research Hub Survey. Newcastle University, Centre for Learning and Teaching and University of Cumbria. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Prince_2020 Research Hubs Survey.pdf]

Clarke, David A. G. and Mcphie, Jamie (2020) Tensions, knots, and lines of flight: themes and directions of travel for new materialisms and environmental education. Environmental Education Research, 26 (9-10). pp. 1231-1254.
[thumbnail of McPhie_Tensions knots and lines of flight - new materialisms and environmental education.pdf]

Clay, Matt, Kidd, Moray, Gale, Andrew W., Boardman, Tim, Murphy, Jim, Wynn, Tony, Naylor, Steven and Ellwood, Jo (2020) Understanding loss of containment of non-radiological chemotoxic materials in the civil nuclear and process industries. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 136 . pp. 203-213.
[thumbnail of PSEP Journal Article as Submitted to Journal for Peer Review - 25 October 2019.pdf]

Collins, Di, Foxwell, Victoria, Fry, Adam, Laird, Catriona, Loynes, Christopher, Meese, Stu, Riley, Dan, SMITH, RICHARD and Tylor, Jon (2020) It's like dancing diamonds: Finding meaning in the stories we tell. Horizons .
[thumbnail of Collins et al.Anecdotes.pdf]

Conroy, Colette and Dickenson, SJ (2020) Culturally producing and negotiating women’s rugby league histories through applied performance. In: Prenki, Tim and Abraham, Nicky, (eds.) The Applied Theatre Reader. Routledge, London.

Conroy, Colette and Dickenson, Sarah (2020) Culturally producing and negotiating women’s rugby league histories through applied performance. In: Prentki, Tim and Abraham, Nicola, (eds.) The applied theatre reader, second edition. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 63-68.

Convery, Ian, Stainer, Simon, Gere, Charlie and Lloyd, Karen (2020) Reimagining the Lake District. The Ecologist .

Corrie, Ian, Lawson, Ron and Rowland, Toby (2020) Transformative action coaching in healthcare leadership. Journal of Transformative Learning, 6 (2). pp. 39-51.
[thumbnail of Corrie et al (2020).pdf]

Cunningham, Stuart, Lawton, Mark and Convery, Ian (2020) Augmented reality forest soundscapes. The Ecologist .
[thumbnail of Augmented reality forest soundscapes.pdf]


Darwell, John (2020) Regeneration: images of 1980s Sheffield [TBC]. [Show/Exhibition] In: Regeneration: images of 1980s Sheffield (TBC), March - July 2020, Weston Park Museum, Sheffield, UK.

Darwell, John (2020) A bright and shining future [TBC]. Bluecoat Press, Liverpool, UK.

Darwell, John and Meecham, Charlie (2020) Modelling the animal. [Show/Exhibition] In: Modelling the animal, April - June 2020, Deane Clough Mills Gallery, Halifax, Yorkshire.

Dasanayaka, Chamila H., Abeykoon, Chamil and Nagirikandalage, Padmi (2020) Modelling of the effects of renewable energy establishments towards the economic growth of a nation. In: 7th International Conference on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT’20), 15th-17th November 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Dasanayaka_Renewableenergypaper.pdf]

Davies, Anna, Brini, Stefano, Hirani, Shashivadan, Gathercole, Rebecca, Forsyth, Kirsty, Henderson, Catherine, Bradley, Rosie, Davies, Lucy, Dunk, Barbara, Harper, Emma, Lam, Natalie, Pank, Lynn, Leroi, Iracema, Woolham, John, Fox, Chris, O'Brien, John, Bateman, Andrew, Poland, Fiona, Bentham, Pete, Burns, Alistar, Gray, Richard, Knapp, Martin, Talbot, Emma, Hooper, Emma, Winson, Rachel, Scutt, Bethany, Ordonez, Victoria, Nunn, Samantha, Lavelle, Grace, Howard, Robert and Newman, Stanton (2020) The impact of assistive technology on burden and psychological well‐being in informal caregivers of people with dementia (ATTILA Study). Alzheimer's and Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions, 6 (1). e12064.
[thumbnail of Hooper_Davies et al_The impact of assistive technology on burden and psychological wellbeing in informal caregivers of people with dementia_ATTILA study.pdf]

De Witt, Julie, Sloane, Charles, Marland, Amanda, Miller, Paul K. and Hoelterhoff, Mark (2020) Managing the initial transition from student to professional radiographer: Making induction and preceptorship count. In: United Kingdom Imaging and Oncology Congress 2020: Pathways and Communication, 1-3 June 2020, ACC, Liverpool.
[thumbnail of DeWitt, Sloane, Marland, Miller and Hoelterhoff (2020) - Managing the Transition - UKIO Abstract.pdf]

DeWitt, Julie, Sloane, Charles, Marland, Amanda, Miller, Paul K. and Hoelterhoff, Mark (2020) Walking the cliff-edge: Managing the initial transition from student radiographer to professional radiographer. In: Networking in Education for Healthcare Conference, 1-3 September 2021, University of Bath. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of DeWitt, Sloane, Marland, Miller and Hoelterhoff (2021) - Walking the Cliff Edge - Abstract.pdf]

Ditchburn, Jae-Llane (2020) Students can experience flow from problem-based learning in conservation genetics. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 8 (11). pp. 521-535.
[thumbnail of Ditchburn_StudentsCan.pdf]

Ditchburn, Jae-Llane, Van Schaik, Paul, MacSween, Alasdair, Dixon, John and Martin, Denis (2020) The effects of exergaming on pain, postural control, technology acceptance and flow experience, in older people with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a randomised controlled trial. BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation, 12 . p. 63.
[thumbnail of Ditchburn etal2020 accepted ver.pdf]

Dittrich, Alex and Helden, Alvin J. (2020) Can monophagous specialists mediate host plant choices in generalist planthoppers (Hemiptera: Delphacidae)? Ecological Entomology, 45 (6). pp. 1509-1512.
[thumbnail of Dittrich_CanMonophagousSpecialists.pdf]
[thumbnail of Dittrich and Helden 2020 Final_.pdf]

Donovan, Tim (2020) Anatomical Clutter in Medical Image Perception. In: Anatomical Society Winter Meeting 2019, 18th-20th December 2019, Lancaster University. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Abstract_Donovan.pdf]

Donovan, Tim, Dunn, Kirsty, Penman, Amy, Young, Robert and Reid, Vincent (2020) Fetal eye movements in response to a visual stimulus. Brain and Behavior, 10 (8). e01676.
[thumbnail of brb3.1676.pdf]


Elliott, David (2020) Selecting music for exercise: the music preferences of UK exercisers. Cogent Psychology, 7 (1). p. 1802928.
[thumbnail of Elliott_23311908.2020.1802928.pdf]

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2020) If promoting British values is a politicization of the curriculum what should schools and teacher educators do? In: CERES seminar series 2019-2020, 11 March 2020, Centre for Educational Research (CERES), Liverpool John Moores University, UK. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of EltonChalcraft_IfPromoting_SupMat.pdf]

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2020) Student teachers’ diverse knowledge and experiences of religion – implications for culturally responsive teaching. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 20 (6). pp. 35-54.
[thumbnail of Elton-ChalcraftFinal July 2020.pdf]

Ensoll, Richard (2020) 'G.S.E.C. Descent' and coaching with Threshold Concepts. The Professional Mountaineer (31). pp. 37-39.
[thumbnail of Ensoll_GSECdescent.pdf]

Ensoll, Richard and Towers, Daniel (2020) Being a climber: Progressive lead coaching. The Professional Mountaineer (29). pp. 32-33.
[thumbnail of Progressive lead coaching 'climb when ready' final edit.pdf]

Evans, Ben, Brooks, Helen, Carr, Simon, Chirol, Clementine, Christie, Elizabeth, Kirkham, Matthew, Moeller, Iris, Royse, Katherine, Shears, Olivia, Spencer, Kate and Spencer, Thomas (2020) Species-dependent variation in geotechnical properties and erodibility of salt marsh sediments. In: EGU General Assembly 2020, 3rd - 8th May 2020, Vienna. (Unpublished)

Ewin, Robert, Bates, Elizabeth and Taylor, Julie (2020) Domestic abuse orders: risk, vulnerability and training. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice, 6 (2). pp. 151-167.
[thumbnail of Domestic Abuse Orders Paper Re-Submission 1.pdf]

Ewin, Robert, Reed, Abi and Powell, Lewis (2020) Middle childhood vulnerability to drugs and alcohol. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice .


Famosaya, Paul (2020) Police-citizen interactions in Nigeria: the ‘ordinary’ aspects. Policing and Society . pp. 1-14.
[thumbnail of Famosaya_Police.pdf]

Fenton, Lisa, Playdon, Zoe and Prince, Heather (2020) Bushcraft education as radical pedagogy. Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 30 (5). pp. 715-729.
[thumbnail of Fenton_Bushcraft education as radical pedagogy for Insight.pdf]

Fielden, Kelly (2020) Using online methods and social media for data collection and recruitment. In: LED Showcase Conference 2020, 3rd December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)

Findlay-Robinson, Rachel, Deecke, Volker B., Weatherall, Andrew and Hill, Davina (2020) Does weather affect the timing of reproduction in the hazel dormouse, Muscardinus avellanarius? In: Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Winter Meeting, 3-4 December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of conference programme]

Findlay-Robinson, Rachel, Deecke, Volker B., Weatherall, Andrew and Hill, Davina (2020) The times they are a’changin: advancement of autumnal fruiting in hazel dormouse food plants. In: British Ecological Society Festival of Ecology, 14-18 December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)

Fisher, Stacey and Jonker, Leon (2020) Ferric carboxymaltose (Ferinject®) associated hypophosphataemia: case report illustrating the need for increased awareness to minimise incidence and risk. Acute Medicine Journal, 19 (2). pp. 102-105.
[thumbnail of Jonker_Ferinject case report dd20May2020.pdf]


George, Frances K, Benham, Alex, Gabriel, Lynne and Purton, Judy (2020) Development and content validity of the clinical assessment of body alignment for children with cerebral palsy. Pediatric physical therapy : the official publication of the Section on Pediatrics of the American Physical Therapy Association, 32 (2). pp. 137-143.

Grabrovaz, Meaghan, Goodwin, Victoria and Grimwood, Tom (2020) An asset-based approach to widening participation for young people in Cumbria. Health and Society Knowledge Exchange (HASKE).
[thumbnail of (2020, May) An asset-based approach to Widening Participation for young people in Cumbria_public facing report.pdf]

Greer, James (2020) Stress, emotional labour and resilience. In: Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing Conference, 15th March 2019, London. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Resilience Presentation.pdf]

Grimwood, Tom (2020) Cliché. In: Rabinowitz, Paula, (ed.) Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
[thumbnail of Grimwood Cliché.pdf]

Grimwood, Tom (2020) The rhetoric of urgency and theory-practice tensions. European Journal of Social Work, 25 (1). pp. 15-25.
[thumbnail of Grimwood_The Rhetoric of Urgency FULL TEXT original.pdf]

Grimwood, Tom, Goodwin, Victoria and Grabrovaz, Meaghan (2020) Voluntary and community organisations in Cumbria: assets for young people’s decision-making? Health and Society Knowledge Exchange (HASKE).
[thumbnail of (2020, Oct) Voluntary & Community Organisations in Cumbria - Assets for Young Peoples Decision Making - public facing report.pdf]

Grimwood, Tom and Snell, Laura (2020) The recruitment, retention and development of an Integrated Urgent Care telephone triage workforce: a small-scale study. Journal of Integrated Care .
[thumbnail of Grimwood_The recruitment, retention & development of an IUC telephone triage workforce_manuscript.pdf]

Grimwood, Tom and Snell, Laura (2020) The use of technology in healthcare education: a literature review. MedEdPublish, 9 (1).
[thumbnail of MededPublish - 3045.pdf]

Gumbs, R., Williams, R.C., Lowney, A.M. and Smith, Darrell (2020) Spatial and species-level metrics reveal global patterns of irreplaceable and imperiled gecko phylogenetic diversity. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution, 66 (3-4). pp. 239-252.
[thumbnail of Smith_Global priorities for conserving gecko evolutionary history_Gumbs et al_2017.pdf]


HORDERN, REBECCA (2020) Can teacher-student relationships through outdoor learning enhance student engagement? In: LED Showcase Conference 2020, 3rd December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)

Hardacre, Charlotte (2020) Authentic family learning: real life reading and writing in the community. In: LED Showcase Conference 2020, 4th December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Hardacre_AFL. LED. 2020.pdf]

Hardacre, Charlotte (2020) Supportive power: The role of family learning in developing home learning cultures. In: British Early Childhood Educational Research Association (BECERA) Annual Conference, 10th February 2020, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of AFL and Supportive Power. BECERA 2020.pdf]

Hardy, Christopher, Sayyed, Imam, Leslie, Andrew and Dittrich, Alex DK. (2020) Effectiveness of insecticides, physical barriers and size of planting stock against damage by the pine weevil (Hylobius abietis). Crop Protection . p. 105307.
[thumbnail of Hylobius article FINAL_.pdf]

Hartworth, C., Convery, Ian and Richards, C. (2020) Entitlements, capabilities and crisis in the United Kingdom. Journal of Applied Social Science, 14 (1). pp. 40-54.
[thumbnail of Convery_EntitlementsCapabilities.pdf]

Harvey, David (2020) Progression towards what? Autonomy as a goal for outdoor learning. In: LED Showcase Conference 2020, 3rd December 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Harvey_Progression towards autonomy_LED_031220.pdf]

Harvey, David and Byrne, Carmen (2020) Don’t drown in change: preparing for the challenges of introducing an outdoor learning curriculum. Outdoor Learning Research .
[thumbnail of H82 Harvey-Byrne Dont drown in change.pdf]

Hawkins, Sally, Brady, Deborah, Mayhew, Michael, Smith, Darrell, Iversen, Sara, Lipscombe, Steven, White, Chris, Eagle, Adam and Convery, Ian (2020) Community perspectives on the reintroduction of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) to the UK. Restoration Ecology, 28 (6). pp. 1408-1418.
[thumbnail of lynx paper for RestEcol_Hawkins et al_submitted version (not AAM).pdf]

Hayes, Catherine and Corrie, Ian (2020) Learner-centred pedagogy framing authentic identity and positionality in Higher Education. In: Inoue-Smith, Yukiko and McVey, Troy, (eds.) Optimizing Higher Education learning through activities and assessments. IGI Global, pp. 77-95.
[thumbnail of Corrie_Learner-Centred-Pedagogy.pdf]

Hayes, Catherine, Corrie, Ian and Graham, Yitka (2020) Paramedic emotional labour during COVID-19. Journal of Paramedic Practice, 12 (8). pp. 319-323.
[thumbnail of Corrie_ParamedicEmotional.pdf]

Hayes, Tracy (2020) I thought… I saw… I heard…: the ethical and moral tensions of auto/biographically opportunistic research in public spaces. In: The Palgrave MacMillan Handbook of Auto/Biography. Palgrave Macmillan, London.
[thumbnail of THayes chapter - Palgrave Handbook of Auto-biography AUTHOR ACCEPTED COPY.pdf]

Hayes, Tracy (2020) The Importance of Nature: before, during and after Covid-19. Part of series: The Impact of Covid-19. [Podcast]. [Show/Exhibition] In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Hayes, Tracy (2020) Lightning Talk: Shared-story approaches: you tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine…. In: Lightning Talk - part of LED seminars, 16 December 2020, Carlisle. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Playing with words - connecting through story T Hayes Dec 2020.pdf]

Hayes, Tracy (2020) More than fun and games – the serious side of learning in nature. In: A curriculum for Wellbeing, British Curriculum Foundation (BCF), 14/3/2020, Online. (Unpublished)

Hayes, Tracy (2020) Shifting Perspectives on Nature through Pedagogical Practices [webinar]. In: Shifting Perspectives on Nature through Pedagogical Practices, 28 October 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of BERA Nolap PPT TA Hayes Oct 2020.pdf]

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[thumbnail of article T Hayes 2020 accepted author copy.pdf]

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