How does it work?


As a University of Cumbria researcher or member of staff, you can deposit research outputs like articles, book chapters, research papers, conference/workshop presentations, exhibitions, performances, etc. by going to the Insight homepage and entering your staff login. Click on the ‘New item’ button or, if you know the DOI of a published article, you can use the ‘Import from DOI (via CrossRef)’ feature, which will populate some of the bibliographic information for you. The deposit workflow then guides you through the process.


As well as bibliographic information describing an output (e.g. journal title, year of publication, etc.), always add a full text (via ‘Item upload’) where possible: for published articles and conference proceedings add your peer-reviewed, accepted final manuscript; for other outputs add relevant slides, papers, and supplementary materials. Before being made live, Insight staff will review newly-deposited items, check publisher copyright policies and apply any necessary embargoes to manuscripts (so there will be a delay between you depositing your output and it being made live).


Published journal articles/conference proceedings – deposit your peer-reviewed, accepted final manuscript as soon as you receive acceptance from the publisher.You might need to update records later as DOIs/volume/issue/page numbers come to light.

Books/book chapters – the bibliographic information can be added as soon as it arises (most publishers do not allow book manuscripts to be deposited).

Other outputs – deposit as soon as they are created e.g. as soon as a report is produced or an exhibition/performance takes place.