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Aiken, Joan and Eldridge, Jim (2004) Snow horse and the other stories. White wolves . A&C Black, London.


Bloxham, Susan (2004) Assessment: helping diverse students understand the tacit demands of studying in higher education. In: Improving Student Learning: Diversity and Inclusivity, 12th Improving Student Learning symposium, September 2004, Birmingham, UK. (Unpublished)

Bloxham, Susan and Chapman, Amanda (2004) Improving student achievement in a multidisciplinary context. LATISS: Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences, 1 (3). pp. 181-188.
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Bloxham, Susan and West, Amanda (2004) Understanding the rules of the game: marking peer assessment as a medium for developing students' conceptions of assessment. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 29 (6). pp. 721-723.
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Bradshaw, Penelope (2004) Amelia Opie. In: Murray, Christopher John, (ed.) Encyclopedia of the romantic era, 1760-1850. Routledge, London, pp. 830-831.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2004) Charlotte Bronte. In: Murray, Christopher John, (ed.) Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760–1850. Routledge, London, pp. 122-124.

Bradshaw, Penelope (2004) The Politics of the Platter: Charlotte Smith and the "Science of Eating". In: Gigante, Denise and Morton, Timothy, (eds.) Cultures of Taste/Theories of Appetite: Eating Romanticism. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 59-76.


Carvalho, Rita L.C., Jonker, Leon, Goumans, Marie-Jose, Larsson, Jonas, Bouwman, Peter, Karlsson, Stefan, Dijke, Peter ten, Arthur, Helen M. and Mummery, Christine L. (2004) Defective paracrine signalling by TGFβ in yolk sac vasculature of endoglin mutant mice: a paradigm for hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia. Development, 131 (24). pp. 6237-6247.
[thumbnail of Carvalho et al 2004 Development.pdf]

Cooper, Hilary and Dilek, Dursun (2004) Children's thinking in history: analysis of a history lesson taught to 11 year olds at Ihsan Sungu School, Istanbul. International Journal of Historical Learning Teaching and Research (IJHLTR), 4 (2).
[thumbnail of Cooper_dielek.pdf]

Cromarty, Paul, Robinson, Gary, Callcott, Pauline and Freeston, Mark (2004) Cognitive therapy and exercise for panic and agoraphobia in primary care: pilot study and service development. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 32 (3). pp. 371-374.

Curnow, Trevor (2004) The Oracles of the Ancient World. Duckworth Publishing, London.


Darwell, John (2004) Working lives. International Journal of Epidemiology, 33 (4). pp. 719-721.

Darwell, John (2004) (h)arris. Democratic Books, Cologne, Germany.
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Dodds, Nick (2004) Comic strips rock! Comics Focus, 1 . pp. 85-93.
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[thumbnail of Comic Strips Rock! by Nick Dodds (Comics Focus 2004).pdf]
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Donovan, Tim, Goddard, Martin J., Jones, Hazel A., McNeil, Keith, Atkinson, Carl, Clark, John C., White, Jessica F. and Chilvers, Edwin R. (2004) Use of 18FDG-PET to discriminate between infection and rejection in lung transplant recipients. Transplantation, 77 (9). pp. 1462-1464.


Eldridge, Jim (2004) Desert Duel. Double Take . Scholastic, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2004) Jungle War: SAS. Puffin Books, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2004) Powers. [Performance]

Eldridge, Jim (2004) Secret Assault. Puffin Books, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2004) Spy Smuggler: Paul Lelaud France 1942-1944. My Story . Scholastic, London.

Eldridge, Jim and Eldridge, Duncan (2004) The Complete How to Handle Grown-ups. Red Fox, London.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2004) Pow wham! Heros or powerful leaders? RE Today, 2004 (Spring).


Gibson, Susanne (2004) The problem of abortion: essentially contested concepts and moral autonomy. Bioethics, 18 (3). pp. 221-233.


Haywood, Mark (2004) Our Barn is Empty Again. [Show/Exhibition] In: Our Barn is Empty Again,, 2004, Glassonby, Cumbria.

Hendry, Diana and Eldridge, Jim (2004) Swan boy. White wolves . A&C Black, London.

Honey, R.A.E., Honey, G.D., O'Loughlin, C., Sharar, S.R., Kumaran, D., Bullmore, E.T., Menon, D.K., Donovan, Tim, Lupson, V.C., Bisbrown-Chippendale, R. and Fletcher, P.C. (2004) Acute ketamine administration alters the brain responses to executive demands in a verbal working memory task: an fMRI study. Neuropsychopharmacology, 29 (6). pp. 1203-1214.

Huggins, Mike and Mangan, J.A. (2004) Disreputable pleasures: less virtuous Victorians at play. Routledge / Taylor & Francis, London.


Jackson, Norman, Gough, David, Dunne, Elisabeth and Shaw, Melissa (2004) Developing an infrastructure to support an evidence informed approach to Personal Development Planning. Higher Education Academy, York.

Jonker, Leon, Kist, Ralf, Aw, Andrew, Wappler, Ilka and Peters, Heiko (2004) Pax9 is required for filiform papilla development and suppresses skin-specific differentiation of the mammalian tongue epithelium. Mechanisms of Development, 121 (11). pp. 1313-1322.
[thumbnail of Jonker_Pax9IsRequired.pdf]


Kumar, Ritu, Murphy, David F., Mortier, Rochelle and Raihan, Ananya (2004) Altered images: the 2003 state of corporate responsibility. Understanding and encouraging corporate responsibility in South Asia update three: Bangladesh. TERI Press, New Delhi, India.
[thumbnail of Murphy_AlteredImagesBangladesh.pdf]

Kumar, Ritu, Murphy, David F., Mortier, Rochelle, Rathnasiri, Chandana and Gunaratne, Lalith (2004) Altered images: the 2003 state of corporate responsibility. Understanding and encouraging corporate responsibility in South Asia update two: Sri Lanka. TERI Press, New Delhi, India.
[thumbnail of Murphy_AlteredImagesSriLanka.pdf]


Lakin, Liz (2004) Growing Schools: Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Farming and Growing. In: Leal Filho, Walter and Littledyke, Michael, (eds.) International Perspectives in Environmental Education. Umweltbildung, Umweltkommunikation und Nachhaltigkeit, 16 . Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main ; Oxford, pp. 259-271.

Lakin, Liz (2004) The golden age of protein: an initial teacher training perspective on the biological role of proteins in our everyday lives. International journal of consumer studies, 28 (2). pp. 127-134.

Lebrin, Franck, Goumans, Marie-Jose, Jonker, Leon, Carvalho, Rita LC, Valdimarsdottir, Gudrun, Thorikay, Midory, Mummery, Christine, Arthur, Helen M. and Dijke, Peter ten (2004) Endoglin promotes endothelial cell proliferation and TGF-β/ALK1 signal transduction. The EMBO Journal, 23 (20). pp. 4018-4028.
[thumbnail of The EMBO Journal - 2004 - Lebrin - Endoglin promotes endothelial cell proliferation and TGF‐  ALK1 signal transduction.pdf]

Leslie, Andrew (2004) Book review: Plantation forestry in the tropics, 3rd edition. Forestry, 77 (5). pp. 495-496.
[thumbnail of Leslie_BookReviewPlantationForestry.pdf]

Leslie, Andrew (2004) The impacts and mechanics of certification. International Forestry Review, 6 (1). pp. 30-39.

Loynes, Christopher (2004) If you want to learn to navigate, throw away the map. In: Eco Plus Lecture Series, 12 July 2004, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
[thumbnail of Loynes_IfYouWantToLearn.pdf]

Loynes, Christopher (2004) Journeys of innocence and experience: the maturation of a field. In: The Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO) Conference 2004: Roots and Wings, 2004, Ontario, Canada. (Unpublished)

Loynes, Christopher (2004) Leadership and teamwork. In: Winser, Shane, (ed.) The Royal Geographical Society Expedition Handbook. Profile Books, London, UK, pp. 8-17.


MacDonald, Iain, Woodhouse, N., Elliott, C., Armstrong, I., Kiely, D.G., Marshall, Gill and van Beek, E.J.R. (2004) Increased pulmonary artery to aortic ratio measured using magnetic resonance imaging identifies patients with pulmonary hypertension. Thorax, 59 (1Supp2). p. 8.

Manning, David J., Ethell, Susan and Donovan, Tim (2004) Categories of observer error from eye tracking and AFROC data. Proceedings of SPIE, 5372 . pp. 90-99.
[thumbnail of Donovan_CategoriesOf.pdf]

Manning, David J., Ethell, Susan and Donovan, Tim (2004) Detection or decision errors? Missed lung cancer from the posteroanterior chest radiograph. British Journal of Radiology, 77 (915). pp. 231-235.
[thumbnail of Donovan_DetectionOrDecision.pdf]

McGregor, Richard (2004) For the Fallen. [Musical Composition] (Unpublished)

McGregor, Richard (2004) Star square and circle: aspects of compositional process in Peter Maxwell Davies's Ave Maris Stella. In: Max Day Mini Conference, December 2004, University of Manchester. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Star_Square_and_Circle_confernce_paper_Dec_2004.pdf]

Moeller, Karl (2004) Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation. Scripture and hermeneutics series, 5 . Zondervan / Paternoster Press, Grand Rapids / Bletchley.


Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2004) Isotopic assessment of habitat quality and brown bear feeding behaviour. In: 15th International Conference on Bear Research and Management, 8-13 February 2004, San Diego, California, USA. (Unpublished)


Owler, Brian K., Momjian, Shahan, Czosnyka, Zofia, Czosnyka, Marek, Pena, Alonso, Harris, Neil G., Smielewski, Piotr, Fryer, Tim, Donovan, Tim, Coles, Jonathan, Carpenter, Adrian and Pickard, John D. (2004) Normal pressure hydrocephalus and cerebral blood flow: a PET study of baseline values. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 24 (1). pp. 17-23.


Pitcher, Caroline and Eldridge, Jim (2004) The gods are watching. Black cats . A&C Black, London.

Poole, Robert (2004) Collier, John [pseud. Tim Bobbin] (1708–1786), satirist and caricaturist. In: Goldman, Lawrence, (ed.) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Poole, Robert (2004) Holder, William (1615/16–1698), Church of England clergyman and natural philosopher. In: Goldman, Lawrence, (ed.) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Poole, Robert (2004) Samuel Bamford, 1788-1872. In: Gildart, Keith and Howell, David, (eds.) Dictionary of labour biography. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK.
[thumbnail of Poole_SamuelBamford.pdf]

Prince, Heather (2004) Terry Storry (1950-2004) an obituary. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 4 (1). pp. 11-12.


Shaw, Melissa, Brown, Tim and Pearce, Ellen (2004) A national review of emerging practice on the use of Personal Development Planning for postgraduate researchers. UK Higher Education Researcher Development Group.

Snaebjornsdottir, Bryndis and Wilson, Mark (2004) Big mouth. Tramway, Glasgow, UK.

Sugarman, Leonie (2004) Counselling and the life course. Professional Skills for Counsellors . SAGE Publications.

Sugarman, Leonie (2004) Life-span development: frameworks, accounts and strategies, 2nd edition. Psychology Press, Taylor and Francis Group.
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Svetlana, Alexievich and Darwell, John (2004) Voices from Chernobyl. Paris Review (172). pp. 94-127.


Topping, Jane and Hynd, Lynn (2004) Coco. [Show/Exhibition] In: Coco, 7-18 April 2004, Switchspace at Sword Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
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Topping, Jane, Hynd, Lynn, Greated, Marianne and Dallas, Sorcha (2004) Coco poster. [Artefact]
[thumbnail of coco.jpg]

Twiselton, Samantha (2004) The role of teacher identities in learning to teach primary literacy. Educational Review, 56 (2). pp. 157-164.


Weze, Clare, Leathard, Helen, Grange, John, Tiplady, Peter and Stevens, Gretchen (2004) Evaluation of healing by gentle touch in 35 clients with cancer. European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 8 (1). pp. 40-49.

White, Sue and Weaver, Margaret (2004) Lifelong learning at work: staff development for the flexible workforce. In: Oldroyd, Margaret, (ed.) Developing academic library staff for future success, 2nd edition. Facet Publishing, London, UK, pp. 113-128.

Williams, Robert (2004) Disjecta cogitata. Archaeological Review from Cambridge, 19 (1). pp. 139-156.
[thumbnail of Williams_DisjectaCogitata.pdf]

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