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Barrett, Sue, Hansen, Eva and Murphy, David F. (2003) Final report: Member state and other donor approaches to good governance in development cooperation. European Community Poverty Reduction Effectiveness Programme (ECPREP), Brussels, Belgium.
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Chapman, Amanda (2003) Enhancing the academic cultural awareness of international students on an economics programme. In: Rust, Chris, (ed.) ISL12 Improving student learning: diversity and inclusivity: proceedings of the 12th Improving Student Learning symposium, held in 2004 in Birmingham. The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development, Oxford, UK, Paper 30.

Coles, Jonathan, Steiner, Luzius A., Martin, J., Donovan, Tim, Hutchison, P.J., Carpenter, T. Adrian and Menon, David K. (2003) Assessment of the Ventrix parenchymal intracranial pressure monitoring probe (NL950-P) and Monitor (NL950-100) in a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner. Anaesthesia, 58 (2). pp. 143-148.

Cox, Diane (2003) Wheelchair needs for children and young people: a review. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66 (5). pp. 219-223.
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Darwell, John (2003) Nightmares of reason. Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment, 47 (11).
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Darwell, John and Abu-Remaileh, Refqa (2003) Forgetful. Short attention span. Unable to concentrate. Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment, 46 (11).
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Donovan, Tim, Fryer, Tim, Pena, Alonso, Watts, C., Carpenter, Adrian and Pickard, John D. (2003) Stereotactic MR imaging for planning neural transplantation: a reliable technique at 3 Tesla? British Journal of Neurosurgery, 17 (5). pp. 443-449.

Dyson, S., Murray, R., Branch, M., Whitton, C., Donovan, Tim and Harding, E. (2003) The sacroiliac joints: evaluation using nuclear scintigraphy: part 1: the normal horse. Equine Veterinary Journal, 35 (3). pp. 226-232.


Eldridge, Jim (2003) Flying Ace: Jack Fairfax, Royal Flying Corps 1915-1918. My Story . Scholastic, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2003) Hostile Terrain. Puffin Books, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2003) London Siege. Puffin Books, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2003) Spies and Secret Warriors (Books for heroes: past, present, future). Chicken House Ltd, Frome.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2003) You are what you wear! Female identity fashion, dress code, cultural demands. RE Today, 2003 (Autumn).


Fletcher, Paul C., Stephenson, Caroline M.E., Carpenter, T. Adrian, Donovan, Tim and Bullmore, Eduard T. (2003) Regional brain activations predicting subsequent memory success: an event-related fMRI study of the influence of encoding tasks. Cortex, 39 (4/5). pp. 1009-1026.


Gerrard, Andrew (2003) Sorry to trouble you: strategies for handling enquiries. IMPACT - Journal of the Career Development Group, 6 (1). pp. 12-13.


Haywood, Mark (2003) One body Politic. [Artefact] (Unpublished)

Huggins, Mike (2003) Horse racing and the British 1919-1939. Studies in Popular Culture . Manchester University Press.
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Huggins, Mike and Walton, John K. (2003) The Teesside seaside between the wars: Redcar and its neighbours, 1919-1939. North East England History Institute.
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Huxtable, Marie (2003) The elasticated learner: beyond curriculum learning opportunities in a Local Education Authority. Gifted Education International, 17 (2). pp. 140-150.
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Leslie, Andrew (2003) Assessment of a Eucalyptus provenance trail at Thetford and implications for Eucalyptus as a biomass crop in lowland Britain. Quarterly Journal of Forestry, 97 (4). pp. 257-264.
[thumbnail of LeslieAssessmentOfAEucalyptus.pdf]

Longstaffe, Stephen (2003) Henry IV Part 1 William Shakespeare: notes. York Notes Advanced . Pearson / Longman, Harlow, UK.

Loynes, Christopher (2003) Exploring metaphors, semiotics and symbols in outdoor adventure pedagogy: a reflection on method. In: Humberstone, Barbara, Brown, Heather and Richards, Kaye, (eds.) Whose journeys? The outdoors and adventure as social and cultural phenomena: critical explorations of relations between individuals, 'others' and the environment. Institute for Outdoor Learning, Penrith, UK, pp. 297-310.
[thumbnail of Loynes_ExploringMetaphorsSemiotics.pdf]

Loynes, Christopher (2003) Narratives of agency: the hero’s journey as a construct for personal development through outdoor adventure. In: Koch, Josef, Rose, Lotte, Schirp, Jochem and Vieth, Jürgen, (eds.) Bewegungs: und korperorientierte ansatze in der sozialen arbeit. BSJ / Springer VS, Marburg, Germany, pp. 133-143.
[thumbnail of Loynes_NarrativesOfAgency.pdf]

Loynes, Christopher (2003) What are we up to? Horizons, 24 (Winter).

Loynes, Christopher, Ringer, Francoise and Richards, Kaye (2003) Seeking the flower of the trillium: building an identity for adventure therapy: a conversation. In: The Third International Adventure Therapy Conference (3IATC), 2003, Vancouver Island, Canada.


Marshall, Gill and Jones, Nicholas (2003) A pilot study into the anxiety induced by various assessment methods. Radiography, 9 (3). pp. 185-191.

McGregor, Richard (2003) Breadth, depth or somewhere in between? Interpreting the compositional process in the music of Wolfgang Rihm. In: Conference, 2003, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. (Unpublished)

Miller, Paul K. (2003) The social reality of depression: on the situated construction, negotiation and management of a mental illness category in primary care. Doctoral thesis, Lancaster University.
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Moeller, Karl (2003) Reconstructing and Interpreting Amos's Literary Prehistory; A dialogue with redaction criticism. In: Bartholomew, Craig, Evans, C. Stephen, Healy, Mary and Murray, Rae, (eds.) "Behind" the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation. Scripture and Hermeneutics Series, 4 . Zondervan, Grand Rapids, pp. 379-441.


Peck, Frank (2003) Book review: Bargaining with multinationals: the investment of Siemens and Nissan in North-East England. Economic Geography, 79 (1). pp. 101-102.
[thumbnail of Peck_BookReviewBargaining.pdf]

Poole, Robert (2003) James Butterworth and the autodidact tradition. In: Window on a Changing World: Edwin Butterworth and the Early Nineteenth Century Provincial Press, 14 June 2003, Manchester Centre for Regional History, Manchester, UK. (Unpublished)

Price, S.J., Burnett, N., Donovan, Tim, Green, H.A.L., Pena, Alonso, Antoun, N.M., Pickard, John D., Carpenter, T. Adrian and Gillard, J.H. (2003) Diffusion tensor imaging of brain tumours at 3 T: a potential tool for assessing white matter tract invasion? Clinical Radiology, 58 (6). pp. 455-462.


Shaw, Elliott (2003) Overview of world religions [website]. Overview of world religions . (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Shaw_OverviewOfWorldReligions.pdf]

Steiner, Luzius A., Coles, Jonathan, Czosnyka, Marek, Minhas, Pawanjit S., Fryer, Tim, Aigbirhio, Franklin I., Clark, John C., Smielewski, Piotr, Donovan, Tim, Chatfield, Doris, Pickard, John D. and Menon, David K. (2003) Cerebrovascular pressure reactivity is related to global cerebral oxygen metabolism after head injury. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 74 (6). pp. 765-770.

Swift, John (2003) The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Cold War. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.


Twiselton, Samantha (2003) Beyond the curriculum: learning to teach primary literacy. In: Bearne, Eve, Dombey, Henrietta and Grainger, Teresa, (eds.) Classroom interactions in literacy. Open University Press, Maidenhead, UK, pp. 63-74.


Watts, C., Donovan, Tim, Gillard, Jonathan H., Antoun, N.M., Burnstein, Rowan M., Menon, David K., Carpenter, T. Adrian, Fryer, Tim, Thomas, D.G. and Pickard, John D. (2003) Evaluation of an MRI-based protocol for cell implantation in four patients with Huntington's disease. Cell Transplantation, 12 (7). pp. 697-704.

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