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Asquith, Simon (2001) Spot the environmental issue. Primary Geography .


Bendell, Jem (2015) To save growth, we must leave fossil fuels in the ground. World Economic Forum website Environment Section .
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Chapman, Ian (2014) The end of Peak Oil? Why this topic is still relevant despite recent denials. Energy Policy, 64 . pp. 93-101.
[thumbnail of Chapman_TheEndOfPeakOil.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Darwell_DarkDays.jpg]

Dasanayaka, Chamila H., Abeykoon, Chamil and Nagirikandalage, Padmi (2020) Modelling of the effects of renewable energy establishments towards the economic growth of a nation. In: 7th International Conference on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT’20), 15th-17th November 2020, Online. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Dasanayaka_Renewableenergypaper.pdf]


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Kouloumpis, Victor, Kalogerakis, Antonios, Pavlidou, Anastasia, Tsinarakis, George and Arampatzis, George (2020) Should photovoltaics stay at home? Comparative life cycle environmental assessment on roof-mounted and ground-mounted photovoltaics. Sustainability, 12 (21). p. 9120.
[thumbnail of Kalogerakis_sustainability-12-09120-v2.pdf]

Kouloumpis, Viktor, Liu, Xiongwei and Lees, Elspeth (2013) Environmental impacts of renewable energy: gone with the wind? In: Michalena, Evanthie and Hills, Jeremy Maxwell, (eds.) Renewable Energy Governance. Lecture Notes in Energy, 23 . Springer, UK, pp. 203-215.


Leslie, Andrew, Mencuccini, Maurizio, Perks, Mike and Wilson, Edward (2019) A review of the suitability of eucalypts for short rotation forestry for energy in the UK. New Forests, 51 (1). pp. 1-19.
[thumbnail of Leslie_AReviewOf.pdf]

Leslie, Andrew, Mencuccini, Maurizio and Perks, Mike P. (2012) The potential for Eucalyptus as a wood fuel in the UK. Applied Energy, 89 (1). pp. 176-182.
[thumbnail of Leslie_ThePotentialFor.pdf]

Lindsay, Ellie, Convery, Ian, Ramsey, Andrew D. and Simmons, Eunice (2012) Changing place: palm oil and sense of place in Borneo. Human Geographies: Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 6 (2). pp. 45-54.
[thumbnail of Lindsay_ChangingPlace.pdf]

Loynes, Christopher (2004) If you want to learn to navigate, throw away the map. In: Eco Plus Lecture Series, 12 July 2004, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
[thumbnail of Loynes_IfYouWantToLearn.pdf]


Mansfield, Lois (2010) HNV farmland in the mountains of England. In: Price, Martin, (ed.) Europe's ecological backbone: recognising the true value of our mountains. European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, p. 139.
[thumbnail of Mansfield_HnvFarmland.pdf]

Mansfield, Lois (2015) Land management and outdoor recreation in the UK. In: Humberstone, Barbara, Prince, Heather and Henderson, Karla A., (eds.) Routledge international handbook of outdoor studies. Routledge International Handbooks . Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon, UK.

Mansfield, Lois (2017) Managing upland resources: new approaches for rural environments. Whittles Publishing, Dunbeith, Scotland.
[thumbnail of Upland Resource Management.pdf]

Mansfield, Lois (2020) Multi capitals conceptual framework development key findings and proof of concept (Unpublished research report to Natural England 2021). (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Multiple Capitals Conceptual Framework for Landscapes (unpublished research report to Natural England 2021).pdf]

Mansfield, Lois (2014) Upland farming and wilding. ECOS, 35 (3/4). pp. 15-22.
[thumbnail of Mansfield_UplandFarming.pdf]

Mansfield, Lois (2015) Upland farming systems and wilding landscapes: a Cumbrian example. In: Wild Thing? Managing Landscape Change and Future Ecologies, 9-11 September 2015, Sheffield, UK. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Mansfield_UplandFarmingSystems.pdf]

Mansfield, Lois (2022) What Did Farming Ever Do For Us? The value of cultural farmed landscapes for nature recovery and climate action in the Lake District. University of Cumbria, Ambleside.
[thumbnail of FIPL booklet MASTER.pdf]

Mansfield, Lois and Peck, Frank (2013) Applying 'fair trade' to British upland agriculture. Outlook on Agriculture, 42 (3). pp. 163-170.
[thumbnail of Mansfield_ApplyingFairTradeToBritish.pdf]

Marshall, Alison, Quinlan, Patrick and Berry, John (2013) Supporting regional growth from the higher education community: the Energy Coast Campus Programme in West Cumbria. InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact, 5 (1). pp. 104-115.
[thumbnail of Marshall_SupportingRegionalGrowth.pdf]

Murphy, David F. (2017) Editorial: Journal of Corporate Citizenship (66). Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 2017 (66). pp. 5-8.
[thumbnail of Murphy_Editorial66.pdf]

Murphy, David F. and Bendell, Jem (1999) Partners in time? Business, NGOs and sustainable development. UNRISD Discussion Paper Volume 109. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Geneva, Switzerland.
[thumbnail of Murphy_PartnersInTime.pdf]

Murphy, David F. and Ng'ombe, Austine (2009) Corporate social responsibility. In: Werna, Edmundo, Keivani, Ramin and Murphy, David F., (eds.) Corporate social responsibility and urban development: lessons from the South. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK, pp. 7-33.


Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2000) Evaluation of a model bear viewing programme at Glendale River with policy recommendations. Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Utah State University, Utah, US. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Nevin_EvaluationOfA.pdf]

Nevin, Owen and Gilbert, Barrie K. (2005) Measuring the cost of risk avoidance in brown bears: further evidence of positive impacts of ecotourism. Biological Conservation, 123 (4). pp. 453-460.

Nevin, Owen, Swain, Peter and Ramsey, Andrew D. (2006) Land valuation and the economics of ecotourism: a tool for the preservation of high diversity landscapes? In: 1st European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB): Diversity for Europe: Learning from Other Continents, 22-26 August 2006, Eger, Hungary. (Unpublished)


Ottitsch, Andreas, Moiseyev, Alexander, Burdin, Nikolai and Kazusa, Lauma (2005) Impacts of Reduction of Illegal Logging in European Russia on the EU and European Russia Forest Sector and Trade. European Forest Institute, Joensuu Finland.


Peck, Frank (2016) SMEs in the nuclear supply chain in Cumbria. In: Wales Labour Market Summit II: Comparing policy interventions to challenge ‘business as usual’, 14 September 2016, Bangor University, Wales. (Unpublished)
[thumbnail of Peck_SMEsInTheNuclear.pdf]

Peck, Frank, Mulvey, Gail and Jackson, Keith (2012) Knowledge dynamics and competitive strategies in the nuclear industry supply chain in West Cumbria, northwest England. In: Regional Studies Association Global Conference (RSA 2012): Sustaining Regional Futures, 24-27 June 2012, Beijing, China. (Unpublished)

Pullini, Andrew S., Baldi, Andras, Can, Ozgun Emre, Dieterich, Martin, Kati, Vassiliki, Livoreil, Barbara, Lövei, Gabor, Mihok, Barbara, Nevin, Owen, Selva, Nuria and Sousa-Pinto, Isabel (2009) Conservation focus on Europe: major conservation policy issues that need to be informed by conservation science. Conservation Biology, 23 (4). pp. 818-824.


Rogers, Jennifer, Convery, Ian and Simmons, Eunice (2012) Local renewables for local places? Attitudes to renewable energy and the role of communities in place-based renewable energy development. In: Convery, Ian, Corsane, Gerard and Davis, Peter, (eds.) Making sense of place: multidisciplinary perspectives. Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, UK, pp. 93-106.

Rogers, Jennifer, Convery, Ian and Weatherall, Andrew (2012) What does it mean to be a friendly outsider? Critical reflection on finding a role as an action researcher with communities developing renewable energy projects. Educational Action Research, 20 (2). pp. 201-218.

Rogers, Jennifer, Simmons, Eunice, Convery, Ian and Weatherall, Andrew (2008) Public perceptions of opportunities for community-based renewable energy projects. Energy Policy, 36 (11). pp. 4217-4226.
[thumbnail of Rogers_et_al_2008_Insight_upload.pdf]

Rogers, Jennifer, Simmons, Eunice, Convery, Ian and Weatherall, Andrew (2012) Social impacts of community renewable energy projects: findings from a woodfuel case study. Energy Policy, 42 . pp. 239-247.


Sinclair, Billy, Kele, B., Hood, Barry, Orr, N. and Midmore, D. (2006) Review of water use patterns for rural and remote regional health facilities. (Unpublished)

Smith, Darrell (2014) A values-based wood-fuel landscape evaluation: building a fuzzy logic framework to integrate socio-cultural, ecological, and economic value. Doctoral thesis, Lancaster University.
[thumbnail of DJSmith_PhD_Thesis_Jun2015.pdf]

Smith, Darrell, Convery, Ian, Ramsey, Andrew D. and Kouloumpis, Viktor (2016) An expression of multiple values: the relationship between community, landscape and natural resource. Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, 3 (1). p. 6.
[thumbnail of Smith_AnExpressionOfMultiple.pdf]

Smith, Darrell, Convery, Ian, Sinclair, Billy and Bold, Valentina (2016) The Solway estuary: a socio-cultural evaluation of a coastal energy landscape.
[thumbnail of Smith_TheSolwayEstuaryASocioCultural.pdf]


Tang, Xinzi, Huang, Xuanqing, Peng, Ruitao and Liu, Xiongwei (2015) A direct approach of design optimization for small horizontal axis wind turbine blades. Procedia CIRP, 36 . pp. 12-16.
[thumbnail of Liu_ADirectApproachOfDesign.pdf]


Weatherall, Andrew (2009) Food, wood or fuel? Where is the land for growing dedicated energy crops in the United Kingdom. Forestry Journal (5). pp. 26-27.
[thumbnail of Food_wood_or_fuel.pdf]

Weatherall, Andrew (2019) So many ways – big and small – to capture carbon. The Guardian . 4th April 2019.
[thumbnail of Weatherall_SoManyWays.pdf]

Weatherall, Andrew (2019) What ‘rewilding’ really means for forestry. The Guardian . 24th May 2019.
[thumbnail of Weatherall_WhatRewilding.pdf]

Weatherall, Andrew (2010) A participatory process for identifying and prioritizing policy-relevant research questions in natural resource management: a case study from the UK forestry sector. Forestry, 83 (4). pp. 357-367.

Weatherall, Andrew, van der Velden, Naomi, Wallace, Carrie and Atkins, Roger (2013) Young wood: a woodland beyond the edge. In: Rotherham, Ian D., Handley, Christine, Agnoletti, Mauro and Samojlik, Tomasz, (eds.) Trees beyond the wood: an exploration of concepts of woods, forests and trees. Wildtrack Publishing, Sheffield, UK, pp. 311-332.
[thumbnail of Weatherall_YoungWood.pdf]

Werna, Edmundo, Keivani, Ramin and Murphy, David F. (2009) Conclusion. In: Werna, Edmundo, Keivani, Ramin and Murphy, David F., (eds.) Corporate social responsibility and urban development: lessons from the South. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK, pp. 204-215.

Werna, Edmundo, Keivani, Ramin and Murphy, David F. (2009) Introduction [Corporate social responsibility and urban development: lessons from the South]. In: Werna, Edmundo, Keivani, Ramin and Murphy, David F., (eds.) Corporate social responsibility and urban development: lessons from the South. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK, pp. 1-6.

Werna, Edmundo, Keivani, Werna and Murphy, David F. (2009) Corporate social responsibility and urban development: lessons from the South. Palgrave Macmillan.

Wilson, Edward R. and Leslie, Andrew (2009) Sustainable forest management. Geography Review, 22 (4). pp. 8-13.
[thumbnail of Leslie_SustainableForest.pdf]

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