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Asquith, Simon (2002) Assessing the Standards. In: Simco, Neil and Wilson, Tatiana, (eds.) Primary initial teacher training and education : revised standards, bright future? Teaching Handbooks . Learning Matters, Exeter, pp. 70-81.


Boyd, Pete (2002) Rose-tinted reflection? the benefits for teachers of initial teacher education in secondary schools. Journal of In-Service Education/Professional Development in Education, 28 (2). pp. 203-218.


Coles, Jonathan, Minhas, Pawanjit S., Fryer, Tim, Smielewski, Piotr, Aigbirhio, Franklin I., Donovan, Tim, Downey, S.P., Williams, G., Chatfield, Doris, Matthews, J.C., Gupta, A.K., Carpenter, T. Adrian, Clark, John C., Pickard, John D. and Menon, David K. (2002) Effect of hyperventilation on cerebral blood flow in traumatic head injury: clinical relevance and monitoring correlates. Critical Care Medicine, 30 (9). pp. 1950-1959.

Cooper, Hilary (2002) History in the early years, second edition. Teaching and Learning in the Early Years series . Routledge, Abingdon, UK.

Coupland, Douglas and Darwell, John (2002) You're either with us or against us. Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment, 39 .
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Cox, Diane (2002) Chronic fatigue syndrome: an evaluation of an occupational therapy inpatient intervention. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 65 (10). pp. 461-468.

Czosnyka, Zofia, Czosnyka, Marek, Whitfield, P.C., Donovan, Tim and Pickard, John D. (2002) Cerebral autoregulation among patients with symptoms of hydrocephalus. Neurosurgery, 50 (3). pp. 526-532.


Darwell, John (2002) Brian, a retired shepherd, taking a break during the removal of the parlour floor from an infected farm building. In: Adams, Clive, (ed.) Love, labour & loss: 300 years of British livestock farming in art. Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle, UK, p. 2.
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Darwell, John (2002) John Darwell, the unclear age. Baby (7). pp. 18-19.
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Eldridge, Jim (2002) Armada: The Story of Thomas Hobbs, England 1587-1588. My Story . Scholastic, London.

Eldridge, Jim (2002) Spies and Special Forces! Chicken House, Frome.

Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2002) Empty wells: how well are we doing at spiritual well-being? International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 7 (3). pp. 309-328.
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Elton-Chalcraft, Sally (2002) I’m not being racist but ...anti-racism and critical multiculturalism. RE Today, 2002 (Spring). pp. 6-7.


Garner, W., Norton, Lin S., Asquith, Simon, Beaumont, A. and Caldecott, S. (2002) The distance learning task as a pedagogical context for learning technologies: are students' and tutors' perceptions similar? In: Rust, Chris, (ed.) Improving student learning using learning technology: Proceedings of the 9th Improving Student Learning Symposium, 2001. Oxford Centre for Staff & Learning Development, Oxford.


Haywood, Mark (2002) Coniston Water from Turner to Bluebird: the changing nature of English romanticism and shifting perceptions of the sublime. In: The Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of the South African Association of Art Historians. University of Natal, Durban.

Haywood, Mark (2002) From desire to design. In: Patrizio, Andrew, (ed.) 292: Essays in visual culture #3. Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.

Haywood, Mark (2002) Imagine the city. In: Younge, Gavin, (ed.) Salt River Soliloquies. Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.

Hymer, Barry and Michel, Deborah (2002) Gifted & talented learners : creating a policy for inclusion. David Fulton in association with the National Association for Able Children in Education.


Lakin, Liz (2002) Food, exercise and lifestyle: an initial teacher training perspective. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 26 (3). pp. 188-197.

Leslie, Andrew (2002) Distance learning in forestry: the experience of the National School of Forestry. Quarterly Journal of Forestry, 69 (3). S11-S14.
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Light, Duncan, Dumbraveanu, D and Asquith, Simon (2002) Smuggling and the Border Landscape of South West Romania. In: Light, Duncan and Phinnemore, David, (eds.) Post-Communist Romania: Geographical Perspectives. Liverpool Hope Press, Liverpool, pp. 107-114.

Longstaffe, Stephen (2002) A Critical Edition of the Life and Death of Jack Straw (1594). Mellen Critical Editions and Translations . Edwin Mellen Press Ltd, Lewiston, N.Y., USA.

Longstaffe, Stephen (2002) Heroic, political, and problem plays. In: Hattaway, Michael, (ed.) A companion to English renaissance literature and culture. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK, pp. 486-498.

Loynes, Christopher (2002) The generative paradigm. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 2 (2). pp. 113-125.
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Manning, David J. and Leach, J. (2002) Perceptual and signal detection factors in radiography. Ergonomics, 45 (15). pp. 1103-1116.

Marshall, Gill and Jones, Nicholas (2002) Does widening participation reduce standards of achievement in postgraduate radiography education? Radiography, 8 (3). pp. 133-137.

Moeller, Karl (2002) Die Religion der Kanaanäer. In: Pehlke, Helmuth, (ed.) Zur Umwelt des Alten Testaments. Scm Hänssler, Germany, pp. 188-217.


Steiner, L.A., Chatfield, Doris, Donovan, Tim, Coles, Jonathan and Menon, David K. (2002) Assessment of the Caradyne WhisperFlow for administration of continuous positive airway pressure in a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner. Anaesthesia, 57 (5). pp. 470-474.


Twiselton, Samantha (2002) Beyond the curriculum: learning to teach primary literacy [thesis]. Doctoral thesis, University of Birmingham.
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Williams, Robert (2002) Bibliomania 2000 / 2001. In: Morris, Simon, (ed.) Bibliomania 2000 / 2001. Information as Material, New York. USA.

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