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Chadwick, Fergus J. ORCID logo ORCID: , Clark, Jessica ORCID logo ORCID: , Chowdhury, Shayan ORCID logo ORCID: , Chowdhury, Tasnuva ORCID logo ORCID: , Pascall, David J. ORCID logo ORCID: , Haddou, Yacob, Andrecka, Joanna, Kundegorski, Mikolaj ORCID logo ORCID: , Wilkie, Craig ORCID logo ORCID: , Brum, Eric ORCID logo ORCID: , Shirin, Tahmina, Alamgir, A.S.M., Rahman, Mahbubur ORCID logo ORCID: , Alam, Ahmed Nawsher ORCID logo ORCID: , Khan, Farzana, Swallow, Ben ORCID logo ORCID: , Mair, Frances S., Illian, Janine ORCID logo ORCID: , Trotter, Caroline L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Husmeier, Dirk ORCID logo ORCID: , Matthiopoulos, Jason ORCID logo ORCID: , Hampson, Katie ORCID logo ORCID: and Sania, Ayesha (2022) Combining rapid antigen testing and syndromic surveillance improves community-based COVID-19 detection in a low-income country. Nature Communications, 13 (1). p. 2877.
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Charters, Andrea, Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Donnelly, Sandie and Taylor, Julie ORCID logo ORCID: (2019) Tools and spanners of Academic Life: what you need and where to find it. In: Learning & Teaching Fest 2019, 3 July 2019, University of Cumbria, Carlisle, UK. (Unpublished)

Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: and Fielden, Kelly (2017) Using Mentimeter to promote student engagement and inclusion. In: Pedagogy in Practice seminar, 18 December 2017, Fusehill Street, Carlisle, UK. (Unpublished)
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Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: and Wall, Eileen (2017) Weather influences feed intake and feed efficiency in a temperate climate. Journal of Dairy Science, 100 (3). pp. 2240-2257.
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Griffith, Simon C., Crino, Ondi L., Andrew, Samuel C., Nomano, Fumiaki Y., Adkins-Regan, Elizabeth, Alonso-Alvarez, Carlos, Bailey, Ida E., Bittner, Stephanie S., Bolton, Peri E., Boner, Winnie, Boogert, Neeltje, Boucaud, Ingrid C.A., Briga, Michael, Buchanan, Katherine L., Caspers, Barbara A., Cichoń, Mariusz, Clayton, David F., Derégnaucourt, Sebastien, Forstmeier, Wolfgang, Guillette, Lauren M., Hartley, Ian R., Healy, Susan D., Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Holveck, Marie-Jeanne, Hurley, Laura L., Ihle, Malika, Tobias Krause, E., Mainwaring, Mark C., Marasco, Valeria, Mariette, Mylene M., Martin-Wintle, Meghan S., McCowan, Luke S.C., McMahon, Maeve, Monaghan, Pat, Nager, Ruedi G., Naguib, Marc, Nord, Andreas, Potvin, Dominique A., Prior, Nora H., Riebel, Katharina, Romero-Haro, Ana A., Royle, Nick J., Rutkowska, Joanna, Schuett, Wiebke, Swaddle, John P., Tobler, Michael, Trompf, Larissa, Varian-Ramos, Claire W., Vignal, Clémentine, Villain, Avelyne S. and Williams, Tony D. (2017) Variation in reproductive success across captive populations: methodological differences, potential biases and opportunities. Ethology, 123 (1). pp. 1-29.
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Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Pillay, Neville and Schradin, Carsten (2015) Alternative reproductive tactics in female striped mice: heavier females are more likely to breed solitarily than communally. Journal of Animal Ecology, 84 (6). pp. 1497-1508.
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Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Pillay, Neville and Schradin, Carsten (2015) Alternative reproductive tactics in female striped mice: solitary breeders have lower corticosterone levels than communal breeders. Hormones and Behavior, 71 . pp. 1-9.
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Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: and Wall, Eileen (2014) Dairy cattle in a temperate climate: the effects of weather on milk yield and composition depend on management. Animal, 9 (1). pp. 138-149.
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Hill, Davina L. ORCID logo ORCID: , Lindstrom, Jan, McCafferty, Dominic J. and Nager, Ruedi G. (2014) Female but not male zebra finches adjust heat output in response to increased incubation demand. Journal of Experimental Biology, 217 (8). pp. 1326-1332.
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