Transformation of an integral research(er) through synchronicities and mixed methods

Place, Christophe (2021) Transformation of an integral research(er) through synchronicities and mixed methods. Sentio Journal (3). pp. 36-44.

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This reflection explores how multiple changes in academic career, driven by curiosity and guided by the providence of life, led the researcher to discover not only the challenges of sustainable development and currency innovation, but also Integral and mixed methods research approaches. By applying these approaches to a specific sustainability and currency innovation, both the object and the methods of inquiry have transformed the subjects of inquiry – including the researcher himself. The latter has been particularly transformed by two introspective experiences relating to mind and body – meditation and fasting, respectively. This informal deliberation about this unique researcher’s story aims to: highlight the transformational junctures uncovered by meaningful encounters or synchronicities; reveal the transformative catalyst of Integral and mixed methods research approaches on participants; and reflect on the transforming experiences and personal insights provided by meditation and fasting. Career and life choices; demystification of money and methods of investigation; meditation and fasting are all sources of transformation for an Integral researcher and practitioner – who is ready and open to embrace a meta-approach of integration beyond in-depth specialisation. Taking routes off the beaten track is sometimes necessary but not sufficient to evolve, yet it is still required to carry them out and complete them for the metamorphosis to take place. Most significantly, taking a meta-level on the appreciation of relative detrimental or restorative transformation allows one to finally embrace the absolute non-dual transformation of Integral life, methods, and experiences.

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