Transforming religious education: beliefs and values under scrutiny

Gates, Brian (2007) Transforming religious education: beliefs and values under scrutiny. Continuum Studies in Research in Education . Continuum. Full text not available from this repository.

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Religion is suddenly perceived as high profile internationally (9/11, Israel-Palestine, London bombings). It arouses interest at the level of popular reading (The Da Vinci Code), critical diatribe (Dawkins), and educational controversy (Faith Schools). Against that background, there is a renewed interest in how schools can best equip boys and girls to be critically intelligent about beliefs and values. It is evident in continental Europe, in the US and in Asia. Throughout the world, Citizenship Education and Moral Education are receiving special attention, but in themselves they are incomplete, for they commonly overlook religion. This book argues the importance that public education should have as a priority not only that pupils become literate, numerate and sociate, but also 'religiate'. In this fascinating study, Professor Brian Gates sets out the grounds for the distinctive approach to Religious Education. He argues that this approach, central to which is a comprehensive network of local ecumenical councils, is a model worthy of global imitation. As part of the argument, Professor Gates examines four areas of complementary concern. The first is the logic of religion in education and the second concerns the process of religious development. Are there stages of understanding? What sense do children and young people have of God and transcendence, as of death and finitude? The third is the relationship between RE and Moral Education - their respective autonomies and mutual challenge. And the fourth is that of Collective Worship and its appropriateness or otherwise in public educational provision.

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